Welcome to the Pelion Festival



Arts and Discourse

July 19th  – August 10th, 2014

Zagora, Tsagarada,   East Pelion, Central Greece


Welcome to the 2014 International Pelion Festival. Two weeks of inspiring music making and so much more !

The heart of our Festival are the summer courses and master classes where there are many happenings, concerts, performances and this year we will be introducing yoga classes as well .

This year, the International Pelion Festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary which also coincides with 3 very special events.

1. Thirty years after the demise of the composer Yannis Konstantinidis, we take this opportunity to honour the great Greek musician since Zagora is also the birthplace of his ancestors. In his honour, we have decided to change the name of the festival to, "International Pelion Festival Yannis Konstantinidis" . We are also organising a tribute to him where lectures and a concert will be held in his memory. Whether we know him by his real name or by the name of Kostas Yannidis, his legacy is vast.

2. We are proud to announce that the organisers of the festival (Polyrhythmia Civil non Profit Company) have been officially recognised as the exclusive representative of E.Cu.Me (Echanges Culturelles en Mediterranee) in all of Greece. E. Cu.Me is an association whose headquarters are situated in Marseilles, France, and whose goal is to promote cultural exchanges amongst state educational organisations and other cultural associations in the Northern and Southern Mediterranean countries. We inaugurate our collaboration with E.Cu.Me with two distinguished professors and solists from Split, Croatia and Istanbul, Turkey.

3. We are organising the 1rst violoncello festival.

Thus, in our 15th year, the highlights of the Festival are:

1. First Violoncello Festival,  in Zagora, July 19th – 27th

Courses, master classes, solo  violoncello and chamber music concerts.

2. Additional music courses on the violin, voice-melodramatic,  flute  and piano as well as in chamber music by all professors, in  Zagora, July 19th – 27th

3. Three days of  yoga  classes for the participants  on the courses.

4. Unforgettable concerts, happenings and  inspiring lectures in Zagora,  July 19th- 31st .

5.  An engravings exhibition on the local mythology, the Argonautic Quest, followed by a documentary screening about the byzantine ship “Olkas” and its routes from the Aegean to the Black Sea, July 27th – August 10th

As well as the above features, the Pelion Festival also runs happenings and performances for the local children by offering them the opportunity to approach classical music in a spontaneous and interactive way.

Apart from all that, I would like to mention that this year we are dedicating two concerts  to  two dear friends and supporters of the Pelion Festival, Alex Georgiadis and Marina Pilihou who passed away recently. Having hosted many of our activities in their manor houses, they  gave us such precious moments which will be forever treasured.

The festival, and all its activities, takes place in one of Greece’s most beautiful locations, on East mount Pelion, in  the picturesque villages of Zagora and  Tsagarada, both steeped in history , amidst the lush green forests  and the cool blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

So if you wish to participate in good quality  music lessons or have  a unique and creative experience in Greece, then the Pelion Festival and East Pelion  is the place to go.

You are all welcome to visit the web pages of the Festival.

Looking forward to seeing you in the summer

Best wishes

Zoe Samsarelou

Artistic  Director


Dear friends, we will announce soon the Pelion Festival events programme!!!